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Valley Habitat Heroes Plant List.pdf

GardenSmart Guide.pdf - non-invasive plant choices and invasive plants to avoid - for Oregon, useful for CA and many states.

Banana Shrub, Port Wine Magnolia
Michelia figo - large, hardy easy to grow, wonderful scent in early spring

Sacramento Tree Foundation

Tree Planting and Maintenance
article and note giving simple tips

Guru of grasses wants you to reconsider conventional lawns.pdf

The Worthy Work of Fruit Trees

Color Your Fall Garden


Help in choosing plants that are not toxic to young children, pets or yourself. 

If you have any question as to whether a plant is harmful to young children, your pets or you, please check with your local poison control hotline. Some local nurseries may also have someone who can make plant identifications for you.

Poisonous Plants for dogs and cats

by Veterinary

Animal Poison Control Center
ASPCA - Toxic plants - 10 most toxic plants - what not to feed your animal

Poisonous Plants Web Page
Cornell University

Toxic Plants by Degree of Toxicity

Purdue University

Index of Poisonous Plants
by and A Modern Herbal

Make your backyard dog friendly.pdf

Top 10 Poisonous Plants

Poisonous Plants of California - by Fuller and McClintock (book)

Brugmansia - poisonous plant